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Aromatherapy Oil Massage 60 min (reg $80) — $65   Aromatherapy Oil Massage The aroma therapy massage begins with your selection of pure aromatherapy oil blends. This oil is warmed and applied slowly and gently, providing relaxation, stress relief, and an invigorating boost to your mood. Enjoy this respite and pleasurable experience. * Cannot be[…]


What’s Therapeutic Touch?

In Therapeutic Touch, therapists place their hands on or near their patient’s body with the intention to help or heal. In doing so, therapists believe that they are consciously directing or modulating an individual’s energies by interacting with his or her energy field. The focus is on balancing the energies of the total person and[…]


Asian Massage Methods

Massage has been taught from generation to generation, and this therapeutic method of care remains an important and viable means of restoring and maintaining vitality. The spectrum of Asian massage therapies share, at their core, an understanding of the body as an energy system, from meridian lines to energy pressure points, and many cultures recognize[…]